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Logy Games is Japanese creator's strategy board games site

Logy Games

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Welcome to Logy Games! This is Abstract and Strategy Board Games site!!
All games are designed and produced by Mitsuo Yamamoto. Simple and easy rules make them interesting and ceramic tile materials make them charming. So they are very cool!
We wish you could enjoy these strategy board games.

Author: Mitsuo Yamamoto
He is not only board game creator, but also ceramic paint artist.
He makes products with ceramics tiles by hand made. more information is ... click here

Hello and a happy new year 2012.
I have invented more than 30 original games for 18 years. So I want to have games exhibition in this year. I wonder if someone is interested in games exhibition who are gallery or shop planner or who help my planning of games exhibition. I am eager to get good contacts or information.

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